Force Majeure Vaudeville on Sunday 10/18!

Sunday, October 18, doors at 8:30, $10 cover.


From the producer:

It’s October, and the vaudeville thrills are creeping out to terrify and tickle you…

This month’s frighteningly talented lineup:
FEM APPEAL – horror/scifi/pop burlesque supernova – producer of “Kitty Nights” burlesque
Twitter @femappeal

DANDY DARKLY – supernatural sleaze and homoerotic horror – stories to terrify, titillate, and tickle – Edinburgh Fringe favorite

NIGEL BLACKSTORM – the Heavy Metal Magician – channeling Houdini and Ozzy Osbourne – alter ego of international comedy magician Magic Brian

THE VINDLEVOSS FAMILY CIRCUS – Prof. Penelope Vindlevoss proudly displays her discovery Edward the Zombie! – a creation of award-winning clown duo Animal Engine

LONE WOLF – Bruk Up dance – from Warriorz League

AMAZING AMY – spooky, spectral stretches – frighteningly flexible contortion

TANYA SOLOMON – magic and MC

Every month, real variety and real skill, a block from the L train, only $10. “Insane fun” - “Talent extravaganza…beyond the typical variety show” – TimeOutNY

Psych Rock Showcase on Saturday 10/17!

Saturday, October 17

Psychedelic Showcase brought to you by Aqualamb Records

The Space Merchants

Justin Dean Thomas

Street Smells

Sun Voyager

Psychedelic Projections by Josh Granger of Elx Club

Doors at 9pm, no cover!

Bands on Thursday 10/15!

Thursday, October 15, doors at 9pm!

From the organizers:

+++The Ferdy Mayne -
Full band of folk/rock/is that indie or something? Catchy stuff baby+++

+++Lustinger -
Super slick production and awesome light show/hard pounding rock/they will haze the crap out of you+++

+++Hot Curl - 
Sweet, lucid tunes with a hint of chorus effect that is going to make you sway into the salty breeze+++

Thrashicana & Psychobilly on Tuesday 10/13!

Cobra Club and Redleg Productions present:

The Calamity Cubes

The Omega Men

Outlaw Ritual

Tuesday, October 13th
Doors at 9pm

Dark 80s Dance Party on Sunday 10/11!

Special Columbus Day Weekend Event!

dark 80s dance party edition
DJs Kym Malis & Tracy
Guest DJ Adrienne

10pm, no cover

Metal/punk bands and burlesque on 10/10!


Bikini Carwash

plus Monstrosity Burlesque with:
Divina Gransparkle
Mademoiselle Bathory
Matt Knife
Pixie Pumps

Host: Denise Duffy
DJs Kym Malis & Tracy

Doors at 9pm. $7 cover.
Followed by Kings of Karaoke at midnight.

Razzmatazz Revue’s 2nd Burlesque Anniversary on 10/8!

The Razzmatazz Revue is celebrating their second birthday with a particularly naughty installment to their usual schedule of bawdy burlesque entertainment.

The Guest Performers:
Lorraine Sweetlorraine
Cory Petit
Zoe Ziegfeld

The Host:  Brett Rollins

The Kitten:  Lillian Bustle

The Hot Boxes:
Dottie Dynamo
Vada James
Ginger Twist
Tiny Dee
Stockholm Filly

Doors at 8pm, $10 cover.

Acting class by Ralf Jean-Pierre aka Precious Gorgeous!

From the organizer:

Please come to my first FREE demo for the new Drop-In Acting Class.

Acting Coach Ralf Jean-Pierre’s acting class designed specifically for comedians and anyone looking for a fun alternative approach to acting every Sunday afternoon at the Cobra Club. Incorporating techniques from stand-up, sketch, improv, and physical theater, this class offers fun, playful approach to acting in any genre or medium. The class is a drop-In class, $7 for anyone to participate for two hours. Each class will include different exercises and/or scene study so that participants emerge feeling more confident, creative, and free as actors.

After this week, each class is $7, but the first class on Sunday, Oct. 4th is FREE.

Bands in the back room on Saturday 10/3!

Honky Tonk on Thursday 10/1!

Support local music!  Doors at 9pm, $5 cover!

Another exciting evening of chicken-pickin’, hollerin’ and drinkin’.

Andrew Sovine, Johnny Pinhook and The Tobacco-aires, and Aron Blue and The Bootleggers will be performing country and western music all night long for your listening pleasure.

The Cobra Club 6 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237 (917)719-1138