Rock Bands on Sunday 8/20!





Bands on Thursday 8/17!

Sexy Neighbors
[heavy island jamz]

Don Babylon (Richmond, VA)
[heartfelt indie rock]

[sad music you can dance to]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Girlie Show on Saturday 8/19!

8:45 Charm School
9:45 Not All Heroes
10:45 Snatch Attack

Babes Rage go-go dancing and taking your lunch money between sets 

Alex von Nihil on the decks all night

Punk Bands on Saturday 8/12!

Bands on Wednesday 8/9!

//// Kleptokrat (Tour Kick-off!)

/// Collapsible Shoulder

// Invisible Circle

/ Hormesis (Debut!)

Doors at 8:15pm
$7, 21+
Cobra Club
6 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Punk Benefit Show for J20 on Sunday 8/6!

Sunday gig at Cobra Club

$5-8 Sliding Scale

Benefit for J20 Legal Defense Fund
On Friday, January 20th, the world witnessed both the official inauguration of a new regressive era, and hope for its overthrow.
Hundreds of thousands of dissidents swarmed the streets of Washington DC, using a diversity of tactics to defy and confront the new regime: blockades, blocs, barricades, breakaways, and massive marches. These are all first steps towards a mighty movement against the expansion of patriarchal and white supremacist State subjugation promised in the coming years.
The next step now that the smoke is clear in the Capital is to support the over 220 protesters charged with Felony Riot, punishable by $25,000 and 10 years in prison.
Most of these were arrested indiscriminately in a “kettle,” a police tactic where a group of protesters are surrounded by police lines on all sides. They were held there, in vans and busses, and in jail cells for over 24 hours. Police denied them food and verbally abused them. At arraignment many were ordered to pay exorbitant and clearly punitive fees simply for a public defender. Once released they found the police had held their cellphones and backpacks as evidence and stolen many of their personal items.
Find out more at:

Namatay Sa Ingay – Pinoy HC punk (NYC)

Malcriados – Chris Stuft Crust Punx

S.P.I.C – Super Powered Illness Camp


Five Borough Anti-Repression Committee will also be there tabling with info and selling J20 shirts to also help raise money for the defense fund.


Rock ‘n’ Roll in the back room on Saturday 8/5!

Doors at 9pm, $7.

Solo Round (Lee from Wonderboy!)


Carolla Lovelace

Bands on Thursday 8/3!

Doors at 9pm, $7.


Best Regards



Metal Night & Punk Bands on Sunday 7/30!

Metal Night in the front bar and punk bands in the back room on Sunday July 30!

11:00: Hopeless Otis

10:15: Science Club (Philly)

9:30: Inverted Planets

8:45: Adam’s Atoms

Vive Benefit on Thursday 7/27!

From the organizers:

The Vive Art & Music Benefit will be a one-night event that takes place July 27th, 2017.  The Art Event, which will be held from 7 – 10 pm at Honey Ramka Gallery located at 56 Bogart Ave in Bushwick, is organized by artists Rachel Phillips and Anna Ortiz.  The group of over 70 participating artists from the local community have come together to express their resistance against the marginalizing of refugees. Artists have donated work to be sold for the express purpose of raising money for the Vive Refugee Shelter located in Buffalo NY.

Simultaneously, musician & curator Val Opielski will present musical performances by (in order of appearance) Anton Sword, Amy Klein, Sunk Heaven, Dee Pop/Jack Martin Duo, OhmSlice and Density. This will take place at The Cobra Club (6 Wyckoff Ave) from 7:30pm till end. Suggested donation for this portion of the benefit is $10 (Give what you can, give more if you can).

Vive is an incredible non-profit shelter that works to house and legally represents undocumented people. Many of the people who arrive at Vive are in transition and do not have papers to cross into Canada or stay in the U.S. Vive welcomes all refugees seeking shelter without limits to their stay. While there, refugees are asked to work to maintain the building, teach and participate as members of the community. It’s a remarkable place that has recently been overwhelmed with an influx of people in need.


The Cobra Club 6 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237 (917)719-1138