Breath-Centered Yoga


In Breath-Centered Vinyasa, the feedback of yoga is the process of consciously integrating body, mind, movement, and breath and maintaining that awareness throughout the practice. In the yoga tradition, the principle of svadhyaya (self-study) is engaged with asana (postures). Students are guided and encouraged to maintain qualities of steadiness, alertness, and comfort as we move through various vinyasa krama (organized sequences of asana), paying particular attention to the ways in which our breath can affect our mind and our mind can affect our breath.

With your breath and movement supporting each other, students are encouraged to practice with an open and curious mind and to question: How can your practice be smarter and cleverer than your habitual patterns? How can you learn something about yourself? How can a Breath-Centered Vinyasa practice lead to freedom and liberation? You deserve that. All levels of experience are welcomed

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