December 16, 2019 0

Comedy on Thursday 12.19!

Ringing in the holidays with a lot o comedy and lil bit o music, Graham and Sellers bring you: The Bitnight Bitfore Bitsmas.

Our lineup is as sick as the angels who warned the shepherds in the fields. As wonky as a donkey. As bomb a** as the ghost who inseminated the Virgin Mary. As ruthless as frankincense. As purrrrr as myrrrrrh. All doing rapid fire one-minute bits to present as tribute to the Holy Child.

Lewis & Anderson
Lucy Cottrell
Darian Lusk
Alex Song
Gabi Shiner
Evan Samuels
Ian Edward Smith
Annelise Kitching Smith
Melissa Aquiles
Jeremy Kaplowitz
Andrew Jonathan Barlow
Jon Hudson
David Bluvband
Ben Wasserman
Wanda Noonan
Caitlin Sing
Breakfast Boys
Mallory Muratore
Nicole Katherine Alexander
Deirdre Manning
Shand Thomas
Amir Khan
Jesse Roth
Yates and Friends

$5 admission to the advent event of your holiday dreams.

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