July 9, 2019 0

Bands on Saturday 7.20!

Hello friends and punx and kids and nerds alike! If you didn’t know I’m a photographer who focuses heavily on music and musicians and now I’m cordially inviting you to the opening of my new collection, HOT MESS LIFE, showcasing work I’ve done in 2018 and 2019 (and maybe a lil 2017 too) in New York and beyond. You’ll maybe see some stuff that I’ve posted online before but now it’s going to be nice and BIG and printed out and I promise there will be stuff you HAVEN’T seen including exclusive shots of Jawbreaker, Bikini Kill, War On Women, and more!

I’ll also have- back by popular demand (okay maybe that’s just in my head)- the mini gallery of street art with NYC jams as well as stuff from my travels around the country on tour and to the UK.

And EVEN BETTER, there will also be live music starting at 8pm! I mean why have a showcase of music photography without bands playing?!

It’s free to come look at the pics from 6-8 but to see the bands you gotta pony up ten bucks but this lineup is SICK so it is worth every penny! Check it:

Four Eyes- super cute NJ/NYC punk n roll
Cruel Children- fierce 2 piece NYC punk
Space Bitch- NJ/NYC nasty noise punk riot grrrl mayhem
The Loneliers- fast and sweet twee punk from Queens/BK

Come hang and get out of the stupid summer heat with us!

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