June 4, 2019 0

Cabaret on Sunday 6.9!

Gemini Blitz presents Serpent Queen Cabaret at The Cobra Club!

An evening of cabaret, contortion, comedy and more! Sunday June 9th at The Cobra Club! At 9pm! For only 10$ you can witness world class entertainment at your favorite local bar!

Jackson Sturkey, the king of NYC’s cabaret/variety arts scene will delight you and reach deep into your soul with his songs about love, lust, booze, the blues and the plight of being human.

Zac Amico: comedian, wrestler, filmmaker, snappy dresser, all around good hearted gentleman and lover of life will be providing the laughter with his unique brand of comedy. Hilarity is guaranteed to ensue when Zac takes the mic!

Trinity Starligiht is a Queen in the Nyc Burlesque scene! Producer, Performer, Actress, Calender Girl, Go-Go dancer…is there anything the East Harlem Goddess of Burlesque cant do? Sparkling like a thousand stars in the night sky it’s Trinity Starlight! She will be performing one of her sexiest, sultriest acts just for you!

Anna Monoxide is the purveyor of strange, unusual, psychadelic clown antics! This human pinchushion and painproof woman will be doing a rare and unusual strip tease that your eyes just wont believe! Be there to see for yourself!

Is it 400 spiders is a leotard or is it KIRA?! Ours Headlining act!?! Come witness Kira contort themself into bizarre and impossible shapes that will mystify and shock you! Sunday June 9th Kira brings to the stage the beautiful and strange art of contorion!

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The Cobra Club 6 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237 (917)719-1138