Monthly Archives: October 2018

Punk Show on Monday 11.5!

Doors 8PM

10:15: Hopeless Otis
9:45: Boss’ Daughter (Reno,NV)
9:00: Shrug Dealer

Bands on Sunday 11.4!

Punk Show on Saturday 11.3!

Doors 9PM

Necrotic Society

Strawberry Fist Cake

The Z.G.s

Winter Wolf

Halloween Night at Cobra!

Bands in the back room!

DJ Balula in the front bar!!

Happy hour from 4-9pm!

Horror Burlesque & Bands on Sunday 10.28!

Join the sacrifice this Halloween weekend with Monstrocity Bushwick’s only horror and Heavy Metal Burlesque show. 
Featuring Imitated Never Duplicated, Mega Babe: LEMMY Raise Hell, Brooklyn’s atrocity Mademoiselle Bathory and Venezuela’s Brutal sweetheart LOVE. Hosted by the one and only ghastly Mr. Martin Ain’t. 



Also booths with Band merch, Hyena Vintage (Old School Tshirts Punk/ Metal) and Macabre Heavy Metal jewelry (Heavy Metal Horror Memorabilia) 

And lots of pure f*#!n Rock n Roll!! 

Come get Horrorfied with us!!

Our famous annual ZOMBIE PROM on Saturday 10.27!

Bands on Sunday 10.21!

Halloween Cover Bands on Saturday 10.20!

JACK OFF JILL- have a lil goth with yr punk, you know you want to! Performed by Alexa666

GREEN DAY- welcome to fucking paradise! These 90s alt-punk brats are one of my all time fav bands. Members of Enziguri, 42 Grams of Heart Attack and more will be bringing them to life for ya

BLACK FLAG- got your 6 pack ready? Good! cuz members of Witch Slap and Cop/Out are joining forces for this all lady, all badass version of Black Flag to help you Rise Above the all the stupid BS life throws at us on the daily #punkrockpun #dadjokes

THE MISFITS- are you ready to see the nicest punx in the world aka The Loneliers get scary and play some fucking HORROR PUNK?! Cuz I am!

MINOR THREAT- NYC’s very own all grrrl Minor Threat cover band will be playing straight edge anthems whilst drinking shots and reminding you to EAT YOUR SALAD! Brought to you by members of Sister Munch, Great Wight, Awful Din, and Cop/Out

L7- the real L7 came back to bitch this year but since they can’t make it to this night, the next best thing aka My So Called Band, will be tearing through a fast and frightening set of their classic hits \m/

Come on out for the best night of the damn year!!!! Dress up, bring candy, have fun with the spooooooky punxxxxx

NO PUNK TIME! Doors are at 7 and music WILL start promptly at 8pm SHARP

Please audience, the music may be really aggressive, but that doesn’t mean you need to be. DON’T make this a bro fest, dance and have fun, but mosh and smash around some place else, this is NOT that show.

This show is BY and FOR women/nb/queer folks (and any other weirdos and misfits who feel out of place at other shows) first and foremost, respect that and we will have no problems.
$10 21+

$6 shot/Genesee all night with happy hour til 9pm (aka the first 2 hours of the show so get there early!) served up by everyone’s favorite bartending bombshells Jules & Xandra


Bands on Thursday 10.18!


Elevator Party


Cobra Club, 8:30pm

Rock ‘n’ Roll on Saturday 10.13!

Today Junior from Boston returns from an epic 4 week “Tour de Fall 2018″ !

- The Royal They
- Today Junior
- The Night Screams
- Gorgeous
~Come out and party with some groovy bands ~

The Cobra Club 6 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237 (917)719-1138