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Comedy Show on Wednesday 8.30!

A Comedy Show Celebrating Everyone But Cis White Males!!

It’s hot blah blah blah come inside drink some beer and enjoy the refreshing comedy stylings of anyone who doesn’t view life through the lens of ultimate privilege!!

Hosted by two straight white women viewing the word through the PENULTIMATE lens of privilege:
Amanda Hurley
Kimberly Dinaro!!!!!!
Plz forgive us for also being the worst??

But our comics are the best!!!

Hannah Boone
(Adult Swim)

Bryan Yang
(NBC Stand Up Semi Finalist)

Emily Winter
(The New Yorker)

Victoria Hoffman
(Gilda’s Laughfest)

Cobra Club Thursday 8/29 8pm
Free!! (donations requested to ease the wage gap)

Rock Show on Saturday 9.1!

Doors at 9pm.

Matthew Jim

El Shelter


Bands on Sunday 8.26!

Universe Ignore Her
Emergency Protocol
Baby Got Back Talk

Punk Show on Saturday 8.25!

Doors at 8pm, $10 cover


Metal Bands on Saturday 8.18!

Doors at 9pm, $10.



Bands on Sunday 8.12!


Make August Count

Carter the Bad News

Punk Show on Wednesday 8.15!

Dirty Junk is coming through from Minneapolis. This noisy punk rock duo brings the intensity of the social issues that surround them and are focused on raising voices and always questioning power structures while inviting others to do the same.

The Loneliers fun and sweet, beat killers on a mission to make you bob and sway the way you do when you’re at home alone with the music turned all the way up. Come dance with them!

Cruel Children High energy, punk rock cool kids not willing to take anybody’s shit so get it or get out of their way.

Welwyn they’re kind of lo-fi, kind of grungey, kind of hardcore. They don’t really fit anywhere but they’re going against the grain in the best way.

This show will also be featuring artwork from Samantha Schroeder. She’s got zines and cards and lots of cool stuff, check it out and support art and music at the same damn time!

The Cobra Club
6 Wyckoff Ave, BK
L to Jefferson
8pm 21+ $10

Bands on Saturday 8.11!

In 2015 La Rubia te Besa hosted us in the D.F. for a legendary show— now we have the pleasure of returning the favor Brooklyn style— come out on Saturday night and show them how we do it! ! !

Doors: 9 pm
Cripple Double 915
ZZ ZZ Top Top 10
La Rubia te Besa 11

Cover …. $7 US Dollars (all proceeds to the touring band)

Jukebox Musical Returns Saturday 9.8!

Mrs Davidson If You’re Nasty: An Ariana Grande Jukebox Musical Starring The Audience

Hosted by Jo Firestone, Aaron Jackson, & Josh Sharp


Doors at 8:30

Show at 9:00

$8 in advance/$10 at the door



From the people who brought you the Beyonce musical “When Life Gives You Lemons”, the Whitney Houston extravaganza, “…Houston, We Have A Whitney”, and the Taylor Swift spy-thriller smash “Tinker Taylor Swifter Spy” comes a brand new hastily written jukebox musical tribute to ARIANA GRANDE entitled Mrs. Davidson If You’re Nasty.

If you’ve ever dreamed of starring in a musical entirely made up of Ariana Grande hits, this will be the best night of your life. This show strings together Ari’s songs with a hastily-written plot and lots of audience participation. There will be acting/singing/dancing parts for all, so get there early to sign up for your favorite tune.


Hosted by Jo Firestone (The Tonight Show), Josh Sharp (The Opposition with Jordan Klepper), and Aaron Jackson (The Opposition with Jordan Klepper), this show is a delightful send-up of your favorite musical icon, blending karaoke, comedy, and a 100% participation required dance party.

Bands on Thursday 8.9!

Travel around the world and back with us through the teleportation magic of music!! Three bands, one night, several cultures, all Indie!

***Filmed Event

The Cobra Club
Thursday, 8/9
Cover: $10
Doors: 7:30p

Petite Celine [10PM] -
Petite Celine is a Franco-American indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of Brooklyn. As a multi-linguist growing up between two countries, from a young age, a very petite Celine noticed some pretty major differences between international radios. French radio always seemed to incorporate a much larger variety of music; not just French music, but often songs in English, or Spanish, Italian, German, or Portuguese – and this was super exciting! But it often made returning home to New York a bit musically lackluster, since US radio only played American Pop songs. The Petite World mission is about celebrating culture from around the world and building that sound bridge through music. This can be heard on her Folk Rock album “Young Soldier,” as well as in many collaborations with NYC and Parisian producers of various genres. Petite Celine is excited to announce the release of the first single, “No No More,” off her World Pop album “Man Made Fire,” July 21st 2018.

Satin Nickel [9PM] -
Satin Nickel was formed in 2017, a collaboration between Morgan Hollingsworth and Samantha Aneson–two songwriters who met while studying Theatre at the University of California, Irvine. They began writing together after relocating to NYC and found a musical spark. After creating a catalog of music, ranging in styles from Folk to Blues to Indie, they played a couple shows together, cementing their passion for the project. The following winter, they met future bandmates Nikola Balaç (Drums) and Ariana Karp (Cello), and, after a couple months of rehearsing, they recorded their debut EP and began playing venues in Brooklyn. Their sound has been described by fans as both “raucous” and “vulnerable and beautiful,” “soulful,” and “sexy.” Look out for Satin Nickel in the NYC summer concert circuit and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Thalib [8PM] -
Thalib, a Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Musical Nomad, from Brooklyn NYC. He grew up with a very unique cultural influence from an Eastern Africa Islamic inspired Cult to the American South. He blends Ambient Soul and Trap and Contemporary Abstract R&B Pop.

The Cobra Club 6 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237 (917)719-1138