January 22, 2018 0

Force Majeure Variety Show on Thursday 1.25!

Step right up to experience the strangest ladies of modern vaudeville!

To be shamelessly bizarre is one of the last taboos for female performers. And the variety stage, with its novelty performers in rapid-fire sequence, is a place where the bizarre flourishes.

In this annual special “Ladyweirdo” edition, Force Majeure Vaudeville will showcare female variety and burlesque artists who don’t hold back their strangeness. Swallowing razor blades, twisting obscene balloons, stripping down to alien skin, dancing in a hiphop “mutation” style usually reserved for men…these are ladies who wear their weird on their sleeve and never apologize.

FEM APPEAL – scifi, horror, and pop culture “nerdlesque”
CRIMSON KITTY – female-female drag
THE LADY AYE – sword swallower
MISTRESS B – erotic balloon scupture
MISS SATURN – hula-hooping clown
EMOTIONS – “mutation”-style BrukUp dance
TANYA SOLOMON – magician and MC
BETSY PROPANE – stage accompanist

Advance discount tickets: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3224097

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