November 8, 2017 0

Punk Bands on Monday 11/13!

Lung is coming back through on tour and this is their ONLY show in NYC this fall. Dark, powerful, and catchy, this cello and drums duo is a force to be reckoned with; you have not heard anything like this before!

Joining them will be some awesome NYC locals:

Gibbons- If emo and pop punk had a baby it would sound like Gibbons. Probably.

True Dreams- 2 girls, 1 dream. Feminist punk guitar and drums duo that combine bratty snarls, frenzied screams, and empowering chants overlayed with sweet melodies and intricate lyrics

Good Looking Friends- three-piece indie emo, post rock influenced band hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Regardless of what their name may suggest, their music portrays people who feel like they just don’t quite belong, struggling with the anxiety to fit in in this gigantic, upside down world.

Who said Monday’s have to suck!? Come support an amazing touring band and some rad NYC folks too :D

The Cobra Club
8pm 21+ $10

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The Cobra Club 6 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237 (917)719-1138