November 13, 2017 0

Bushwick Underground present a night of music & performance on Sunday 11/19!

From the organizers, Bushwick Underground:

After a few months break, we are back with a powerful art show about failure and forgiveness! Join us on this one-night discovery journey hosted by painter and performer Linda Paúla Marcos. 
Come explore what it means to accept weaknesses and let go. Our talented team of musicians and artists will make you laugh, smile, cry and reflect:

Andrew Hammond is a folk & soul singer and storyteller with a big dynamic voice. He will play acoustic music perfect for both our generation as well as our dad’s!

Conversation with our special guest, street artist ObserverObscura, a born and raised New-Yorker whose work was influenced by art of all mediums and mostly the un-commissioned, unknown artists of NYC. ObserverObscura is a project about loss and forgiveness, missed chances and wasted opportunities, observations of society and collective unacknowledged truths. The artist uses conceptualism, installation and street art as mediums. Her work will be projected during the performances.

L.O.S.T (Line On Some Trip) is a post punk/ antifolk band. The French middle-eastern lead singer-songwriter and guitarist will convey with simplicity her feelings of anger and depression in a possibly failed attempt to find self-acceptance and inner peace :D

Syd Art Meta is the founder of Art of Tabla, Khartal and Surya Records. He will be teaching the Khartal , the most portable, pocket-sized instrument in the world. The audience will be invited to play them in an interactive style workshop.

Palwasha Akhtar Sharwani is an aspiring poet and community organizer. Her first collection “Ondine in Exile” was published in 2016. She dreams of having a PhD in Peace Studies from a fancy European school. She will read a poem specially written for the occasion accompanied by violinist Cameron Orr.

Jacquelyn Marie Shannon is a Texas-born, Brooklyn-based theatre and dance teacher influenced by Japanese Butoh dance, German expressionism, avant-garde theatre, circus, magic, spiritualism, Americana, and the nostalgic mythos and mysticism of the south. She will perform a ritual release Butoh dance in which she will be calling forth spirits of failure within a traumatized psychic and physical landscape in the hope of reaching a state of forgiveness.

Trumpet Grrrl is a triple threat combining trumpet, keys and singing into original songwriting. Her songs are about expression of self and being true to oneself. In her own words: “The only failure is not being you to the fullest”.



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