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Black Box Playlist on Saturday 11/4!

From the producers:
BLACKBOX PLAYLIST is a fun and eclectic anonymous theater project featuring 16 actors performing 8 shorts plays inspired by 1 badass music playlist. Here’s how it works:

We picked 8 of our favorite songs and asked 8 different writers to write 8 short plays based on those songs. Then, we found 16 actors, cast them, and asked them to memorize their lines. However, we did NOT tell them who their scene partners were or arrange any rehearsals. We simply told them to memorize the script word-for-word, and show up to the performance. 

That’s when the real fun starts…

ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH AT 8:00PM, the actors will show up to the Cobra Club and sit in the audience. At the beginning of each scene, the song that inspired it will begin playing, and the two actors – who have NEVER met – have the length of the song to set up the stage, discuss the play, practice, prepare, etc.

But once the song finishes – whether they’re ready or not – the lights dim and the show begins!

Join us at The Cobra Club in Bushwick on Saturday, November 4th at 8:00pm for a night of unforgettable theater.

Due to the nature of this production, BLACKBOX PLAYLIST is ONE NIGHT ONLY.

TICKETS: $10 online (fees included), $15 at-the-door

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