August 5, 2017 0

Punk Benefit Show for J20 on Sunday 8/6!

Sunday gig at Cobra Club

$5-8 Sliding Scale

Benefit for J20 Legal Defense Fund
On Friday, January 20th, the world witnessed both the official inauguration of a new regressive era, and hope for its overthrow.
Hundreds of thousands of dissidents swarmed the streets of Washington DC, using a diversity of tactics to defy and confront the new regime: blockades, blocs, barricades, breakaways, and massive marches. These are all first steps towards a mighty movement against the expansion of patriarchal and white supremacist State subjugation promised in the coming years.
The next step now that the smoke is clear in the Capital is to support the over 220 protesters charged with Felony Riot, punishable by $25,000 and 10 years in prison.
Most of these were arrested indiscriminately in a “kettle,” a police tactic where a group of protesters are surrounded by police lines on all sides. They were held there, in vans and busses, and in jail cells for over 24 hours. Police denied them food and verbally abused them. At arraignment many were ordered to pay exorbitant and clearly punitive fees simply for a public defender. Once released they found the police had held their cellphones and backpacks as evidence and stolen many of their personal items.
Find out more at:

Namatay Sa Ingay – Pinoy HC punk (NYC)

Malcriados – Chris Stuft Crust Punx

S.P.I.C – Super Powered Illness Camp


Five Borough Anti-Repression Committee will also be there tabling with info and selling J20 shirts to also help raise money for the defense fund.


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The Cobra Club 6 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237 (917)719-1138