June 15, 2017 0

Punk bands on Thursday 6/15!

The Kominas & Giant Kitty are touring the East Coast this June. This is their stop in Brooklyn, NY 

The Kominas (post-punk/surf rock/taqwacore from East Coast/Boston, MA)

Giant Kitty (punk/post-punk/riot grrrl from Houston, TX) 

Megaweapon. (indie/post-punk from Long Island, NY)

Basic Bitches (punk/riot grrrl from Brooklyn, NY)

“The Kominas exist in part to challenge people’s underlying assumptions about what “punk,” “indie” or any of these descriptors mean. These four South Asian-American, mostly Muslim men specialize in punchy, riff-heavy rock and their lyrics address the experiences of people of color and Muslims in America.”-Colorlines

On Giant Kitty…
“Like the best punk bands that came before them…
a celebration of what it means to be alive” – Houston Press

“On their latest EP, Behind Glass Walls. Megaweapon are not scared to tell it how it is”- New Noise Magazine

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