March 28, 2017 0

Punk Island Benefit on Saturday 4/1!

From the producer:

It’s that time of the year when all us punks and weirdos mark that it’s halfway til Halloween…which means we get to pretend it’s the 90s again and that we are other bands way more famous than ourselves!

This lineup rules and really, you DEF do not want to miss this night cuz then ya gotta wait til October and who wants to do that?!

—Stay Tuned— feat Gibbons opening with a mini set of 90s cartoon themes, what iconic jingles will they have in store for us?!
—Gobbstopper— as Jawbreaker- feat members of Little Prince you’re not punk and they’re telling everyone
—Beastie Grlz— the members of Thundera are reviving their Beastie Boys set and are officially licensed to ill
Teenage Whores as Hole— feat members of Fisty and Lady Biznessripping the hits and the lesser known gems from the early days all while guzzling plenty of hooch of course
My So Called Band as L7— Bricks are heavy and so is their sound, you’re going to be on their shitlist if you miss this
—Alien She as Bikini Kill— rioting, not dieting with a blistering set of riot grrrl classics. 3 parts Lady Bizness 1 part The Subtexts

The only night all of these bands are playing together, the only night some of them are playing for the next several months, your mission is clear, don’t miss it!

Raising $$$ to offset expenses for the Hoosatron stage at Punk Island 2017let’s make it awesome! Support DIY music and culture in NYC!

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