March 9, 2016 0

Circus Punk/Bluegrass/R’n’R Bands on Monday 3/14!

A show not to be missed on Monday March 14th!  

This Way to the Egress (PA)
Since 2008, EGRESS has been told to find a box in which they could fit themselves; knowing that one needs a rather large box to fit six members—with accordions, tubas, electric guitars, trombones, pianos, and drums they have never bothered trying. Instead they move forth cascading onto the stage in an explosion of sound and color that’s equal parts unruly vaudeville, ebullient world beat band and three ring circus music. 

The Rusty Guns (NY)
The Rusty Guns were planted on the plains of Texas, soaked in the swamps of Georgia, and harvested on the hills of Appalachia. They remember when Rock ‘n’ Roll was in its youth and deemed the Devil’s music; when it enticed adolescents with a rude awakening of guitar, upright bass, and drums. The Guns take that recipe, pour gasoline on it with a driving banjo and chucking harmonica, and then plug into their amplifiers to set it ablaze.

Ford Theatre Reunion (KY)

Doors at 9pm, $8 cover.

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