September 18, 2015 0

Celebrate Force Majeure’s One-Year Anniversary on Sunday 9/20!

Force Majeure is one year old! To celebrate, we bring you the cream of the new vaudeville crop.

Just like every month, real variety and real skill, a block from the L train, only $10.

“Talent extravaganza…beyond the typical variety show” – TimeOutNY

TODD ROBBINS – Star of sideshow, magic, and arcane amusements – from Coney Island sideshow, Monday Night Magic, and “Play Dead” – host of upcoming “True Nightmares” on Discovery Channel.

CHRIS MCDANIEL – Trick-ropin’, bullwhippin’, singin’ cowboy – Seen on Letterman, TNN, and the National Rodeo Circuit

GHOST – Pioneer of Bruk Up dance style – “He is fierce…breakdancing, raving, butoh in equal parts” (NY Times)

FANTASY GRANDMA – Myrtle J and Jane B performing raps and songs for all their grandbabies

MATT DALLOW & SARAH SCREAMS – New York variety’s favorite accordionist teams up with “operotica” singer

MATT KNIFE – surrealist boylesque – producer of Homo Erectus Boylesque at Stonewall Inn

TANYA SOLOMON – magic and MC

…and vintage glamour kitten VERA SAFIRE!

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