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Miley Cyrus Musical on Thursday, 7/2!

We’re excited to host Party in the USA: A Red, White, and Miley Musical on Thursday July 2nd!  Show at 9pm, $8 cover.  Equal parts karaoke, comedy, and dance party, this show has something for everyone!


From the show’s producers:

From the people who brought you the Beyonce musical “Pussy to the Sky”, the Whitney Houston musical “Houston: We Have a Whitney” and the Bjork musical “Everybody’s Bjorking For The Weekend” comes a celebration of America and pop’s favorite wild-child, MILEY CYRUS, in the form of a patriotic musical entitled Party In The USA: A Red, White & Miley Musical.

If you’ve ever dreamed of starring in a musical entirely made up of Miley Cyrus songs, this night will be the best night of your life. This show strings together the best of Miley’s hits with a horrible, hastily-written plot penned by three comedians which, this month, will also serve as July 4th extravaganza. Audience members may opt to be cast in various singing and non-singing roles, but spectators are also appreciated. Created by Jo Firestone (Punderdome 3000, Broad City), Josh Sharp (Vulture’s ‘Comics You Should Know’, IFC.com), and Aaron Jackson (UCB, Broad City). The Hastily Written Masterpiece Starring the Audience is a delightful send-up of your favorite musical icons, blending karaoke, comedy, and the best kind of dance party.

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