February 10, 2015 0

Valentine’s Day Burlesque Show on Saturday!!

We are so excited to host a night of burlesque for Valentine’s Day!  Followed by free karaoke!!


From the producers of The Razzmatazz Revue:

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with The Razzmatazz Revue as they present the most salacious in their series of bawdy entertainment:

Featuring The Women Who Will Put You in the Mood For Love and Tequila:

Essence Revealed, The Bubbling Brown Sugar
Corvette LeFace, Eight Cylinders of Body
Dottie Dynamo, The Loose Cannon of Burlesque
Tiny Dee The Queen of Latin Burlesque
Vada James, The Underboob of Burlesque
Ginger Twist, The Twist that Will Make You Shout
Hosted by Boo Bess, The Baroness
With Pearls Daily, The Fantasy Next Door, as the Kitten

This sexy of a show is at 10 p.m.
For 10 American Dollars

Ain’t got a sweetheart? We’ll be your sweetheart.
Ain’t got fun? We’ll be your fun.
Ain’t got pants? That’s fine. We don’t either.

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