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August 18th: The Cause B Show: Brooklyn Comedy Festival benefit for Johnny!

Monday August 18th, The Cause B Show: Brooklyn Comedy Festival Edition at Cobra Club (6 Wyckoff Ave, @Jefferson Ave.) is a stand-up comedy show meets Townhall meeting created by comic Kerryn Feehan and local community organizer Victoria Varney. The shows feature some of New York City’s top comedians banding to start conversations between the local community and charitable efforts, bringing them together through laughter.

Always free entry + beer with donation (one free beer/person)!

12th event in the monthly series, we are lending a hand to BK artist and dear friend to the Cause B Show’s Bushwick home – The Cobra Club. John Bahel (Johnny) has Leiomyosarcoma, an extremely rare cancer that targets the smooth muscles. Due to the rarity of this cancer treatment by a Leiomyosarcoma specialist is vital for progression. Jonny has the biggest heart and always puts others before himself, which is why we wanted to help him out…and make our comics look like jackasses when trying to work “Leiomyosarcoma” into a tag.


Sean Donnelly (last comic standing, Comedy Central )
Leah Bonnema (Vh1, Caroline’s, Lady Parts Justice)
Joyelle Nicole Johnson ( opens for Dave Chapelle)
The Lucas Bros (22 Jump Street, Comedy Central, Fox ADHD, TruTV)
Myka Fox (SNL, Myka Fox and Friends, Keith and the Girl)

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The Cobra Club 6 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237 (917)719-1138