Monthly Archives: August 2012

New Yoga classes added!

We’re evolving the schedule to meet your requests. Just added a Baby & Me class on Sundays and two new yoga teachers to the mix. Get your stretch on!

Wednesday Night’s Smokin’ Gunn BBQ – MEXICAN!!

Cannot wait for this week’s delicious BBQ action. Chef Leonitus cooks up some Mexican BBQ and feeds the hungry masses:
- Corn elote- grilled corn smothered in mexican sour cream, lime salt, and smoked paprika
- Pozole-pork and hominy stew
- Smoked chicken enchiladas
- Guacamole
- Salsa fresca
- Refried beans
- Fresh tortilla chips
- Tres leches cake
Eating begins at 6pm… until the food runs out!

Wednesday Night’s Smokin’ Gunn BBQ – SOUL FOOD

If last week taught us anything, it’s that fashionably late = unfashionably hungry. Our premiere BBQ event was a smashing success (we sold out of our BBQ plates by 8:30!), so chef Leonitus is upping the quantities and kicking it into high gear with this Wednesday’s menu:
- Hickory Smoked and Sauced BBQ ribs
- Poked, Choked, Smoked and Pulled chicken sandwich
- Hamboned black eyed peas (vegetarian option available)
- Cider braised kale with bacon vinaigrette (vegetarian option available)
- Mashed taters ‘n gravy (vegetarian available without gravy)
- Nilla Wafer & ‘Nana Puddin’

Starts at 6pm, y’all!

This week’s Trivia theme – THE SIMPSONS!

The Tuesday night trivia extravaganza takes on our favorite dysfunctional family, with a Simpsons-themed contest. Come show off your super nerdiness, neighborinos! Starts at 8pm sharp so get here early for a drink and a good table.

New class schedule starts Monday!

We’ve added new Yoga and Pilates classes to the schedule – check out the Yoga page, and get your stretch on.

Smokin’ Gunn BBQ premieres this week!

Join us every Wednesday at 6pm as Leonitus cooks up some good ol’ fashioned deliciousness. This week’s theme: American BBQ - Memphis smoked spare ribs, Ancho rubbed chicken thigh, Sweet and tangy  baked  beans, Creamy Napa cabbage slaw, Jack n Cheddar Mac n cheese, Strawberry shortcake.

“Oh boy, dinner time! The perfect break between work and drunk.” We agree, Homer, we agree.

Trivia Tuesday starts tonight!

Fly, Biosphere hosts a Trivia & Spelling Ordeal every Tuesday from 8-11pm. Prizes, booze, hilarity. Show us your brains!!


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